Pablo Ice Cold White Nicotine Pouches Strong Snus

Pablo is a brand new face on the market, with a keen focus on providing an extra strong nicotine hit. Suitable for experienced users only, these nicotine pouches are available in a range of classic flavours with an ultra strong nicotine dose.

Here at The Pod Block, we are proud to represent various brands of tobacco-free smokeless smoking products. Among our collection is the Pablo Ice Cold Nicotine Pouch. Pablo Ice Cold is a popular Nicopod for its refreshing, powerful mint flavour and is available to buy individually and inside our mystery box.

Pablo Ice Cold packs a potent mint flavour of peppermint and spearmint. Their minty freshness combined with their 50mg strength provides a potent nicotine experience, suitable for beginners and Nicopod fanatics. At The Pod Block, our team can discuss your preferences and help find the right product for you.


Pablo pouches are the strongest options available on the market. They contain such a high amount of nicotine that it is seen as a real challenge to test these products. This makes them particularly attractive to lovers of a particularly strong nicotine kick. If that’s what you’re looking for, then Pablo is the right place for you. You really feel the nicotine when you use these pouches.


Furthermore, Pablo snus is also known for giving a wonderfully fresh feeling in the mouth. Thanks to the added mint in the pouches, an icy freshness is created. This one is almost unparalleled. This not only gives you a nicotine kick when using Pablo’s products, but it also gives you a fresh mouth. For many people, this makes Pablo’s products even more attractive. It is the ultimate combination of factors.


In addition, there is another way in which pouches in general can distinguish themselves; the fit. Pouches are placed between the upper lip and the gums. This means that there is a very specific space for which they are intended. It is of course so nice if they also fit perfectly in this space. This is to prevent irritation, for example. And that is precisely what Pablo paid specific attention to. Thanks to the revolutionary smart format, using Pablo’s products is more comfortable than ever. You can’t ask for more in terms of pouches.


It is of course very nice to know the advantages of the Pablo snus products. However, it is probably just a step more interesting to know what exactly the options are. And so we dive deeper into that here:

So are you currently craving a very strong nicotine pouch? One that, in addition to a true nicotine boost, also gives you an ultimate refreshing experience? Then you really can’t get around Pablo’s range.

As mentioned, it is a unique brand that delivers products uniquely.So don’t wait any longer than necessary and order one of Pablo’s nicotine pouches right away. In no time you will experience for yourself where the popularity of this brand comes from.

Pablo Ice Cold – A Super Strong nicopod from NGP Empire that has an icy taste of mint. Here you get 20 nicotine pouches that are maxed out in terms of both intensity and strength, the nicotine content is at an extreme 30 mg/g. A bestseller in every snus shop throughout Europe. Countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany consume huge amounts of Pablo Ice Cold.

Pablo X-Ice Cold – Imagine the intensity, strength and icy cold of Pablo Ice Cold. Add flavors of tobacco on top of that and you have a description of Pablo X-Ice Cold. Despite the tobacco taste, the product is 100% tobacco free and is therefore considered a good alternative for people who want to quit smoking. A smoke-free and tobacco-free alternative for you who want to direct your nicotine usage to a product that is less harmful to both you and your surroundings.

Pablo Red – Another Pablo mint favorite. Here you get a little softer mint flavor in the form of spearmint. The strength is the same as the other Pablo snus, but the experience is a bit milder, as the spearmint taste is not as intense of menthol as you find in Ice Cold and X-Ice Cold.

But just because the intensity is lower, Pablo is not something we recommend for beginners when it comes to nicotine use. These are extremely strong nicotine pouches and if you are new to using nicopods, I suggest you start with another brand in our Snus shop. You will find varieties such as LYFT Freeze, LYFT Ice Cool, Siberia Chewing Bags and much more. Why not have a tasting of ZYN flavours?

Pablo snus is one of the strongest tobacco-free products you will find with us at Snus. It is also one of the absolute strongest products on the market, including Swedish snus. A pouch Pablo weighs 0.8 grams, and you will find 20 pouches in a box.

Why buy Pablo in an online Snus shop?

Four strong nicotine pouches in the range

Pablo nicotine pouches have four different products in the range, all of which are perfect and very popular. This is the brand for those who want a nicotine kick with a refreshing burst of mint flavour. Pablo’s nicotine pouches do not work with any berries, exotic fruits or experimental flavours. If you buy Pablo nicotine pouches, you know what you’re getting – it’s classic mint of the highest quality! The four products differ slightly, so everyone should find their absolute favourite.

All varieties of Pablo nicotine pouches are in slim format and the pouches are made of cellulose which is soft and comfortable to wear under the upper lip. Three flavours from Pablo nicotine pouches are Pablo red super strong slim, Pablo X-ice cold super strong slim and Pablo ice-cold super strong slim. These three super strong flavours have a nicotine level of 30 mg/g and each pouch contains 16 grams. This type of information is set out in the text of each product here in our shop.

Pablo ice-cold, danger strong

Pablo ice-cold, danger strong (Pablo ice-cold, danger strong) The fourth product in the range from Pablo nicotine pouches Pablo ice-cold XXL super strong slim and has the same taste as Pablo ice-cold super strong slim. The difference is that this XXL size pouch contains 50% more, filled with delicious content. Pablo ice-cold XXL super strong slim has a content of 24 grams divided into 30 portions, while the original contains only 16 grams and 20 portions.

Three varieties of slim size with mint flavour

Pablo ice-cold super strong slim is the bestseller from Pablo nicotine pouches, flavoured with a really great taste of classic mint. It provides a refreshing sensation without being either too strong or too wimpy. Then we have Pablo red super strong slim from Pablo nicotine pouches. This product also has a well-composed taste of mint, but here the classic mint flavour has been joined by spearmint, which is perceived as slightly sweeter. The combination of mint and spearmint makes Pablo red super strong slim a little rounder in taste, which is appreciated by many users.

Pablo X-ice cold super strong slim also contains mint, but this product surprises us with the taste of tobacco. These are nicotine pouches without tobacco, but where Pablo nicotine pouches managed to capture a genuine and appreciated taste of tobacco. Perfect for those who have given up snus with tobacco to avoid the negative effects, but who miss the taste of tobacco. Give these strong nicotine pouches a try, Pablo nicotine pouches have succeeded in capturing a great taste of tobacco, without the slightest trace of tobacco.